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Had a few lock outs with readings anywhere from .25 to .94 and I'm getting screwed in court for it. Guess they don't realize that these readings are impossible for one and even tho a .25 is possable I don't think anyone would be able to even walk to the vehicle let alone figure out how to blow in this dumb machine at that level of intoxication Add comment

Blew a .94 and I'm still getting screwed in court for apparently they don't realize that that kind of reading is impossible Add comment


  • 1 day ago
  • Equipment
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Defective Parts
  • 23

This is the worst company ever, intoxaracket like the other guy said, lol I really thought I would only pay 80$ a month well 4 months later And like $1300 and my car is ruined, my car had electrical problems right out the gate cd player wouldn't come on etc... and now my car is all messed up the electrical isn't working right, *** I wish I would have researched this before I got it, customer... Read more

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Ridiculous charges and "other fees" make sure you read the contract and don't let the rep rush you off the phone while you are trying to do so. $80 to have a rep push a button to close my account? Way to kick a person while they're down. I had to make 4 phone calls to intoxalock just to have my device in installed and not one representative advised me of this fee. Add comment


  • Sep 12
  • Equipment
  • Springfield, Missouri
  • Late Shipment
  • 32

this is the third time this company has failed to send my unit in a timely manner. my car is scheduled to be recalibrated, and has to by sunday or my car will not start. today is Friday. My garage is not open the weekends. checking the status of my shipment, my unit will not arrive until Monday, rendering my car useless. I called intoxalock to complain and ask if that is really the day it will... Read more

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  • Sep 11
  • Equipment
  • Intoxalock Car Device
  • 50

I dropped 8ft off a ladder and can no longer walk, drive a manual transmission or support myself while being in a wheelchair. Living in a shelter at the young age of 37 because of this. I cannot work, nor drive, and have no way of supporting myself because of this fall.I am selling my car in Florida so I can return home to Iowa. I had my intoxalock removed to sell my car and paid them for months... Read more

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Intoxaracket. For profit company out to make all the money they can, out of peoples mistakes. I have to have this faulty device for 1 year. "We help you get back on the road" yea right. I mailed back my recalibration same day I received the new one and somehow they received it late. Now I have to , pay late fees. Greedy people Add comment


  • Sep 09
  • Equipment
  • New York, New York
  • Intoxalock Device
  • 50

I had device installed 5/13/14. Supposed to have for a year. Worked ok unti july10. Drained my battery and went into comm99 error code. Vehicle does not start. Told by intoxalock that it needs to towed back to mechanic shop to have it checked. This was over two months ago. I cant offord towing right now since I have high debt plus mortgage and others expenses. I have not been able to use my... Read more

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  • Sep 07
  • Equipment
  • Syracuse, New York
  • Defective Product
  • 64

Haha since this piece of garbage phony machine wants to malfunction and read false positives, everytime I drove and it reads a false positive I take these 3 steps: 1. Pull over. 2. Call police on myself. 3. Get a breathalyzer and the report number. Lmaoooo word to me I do I'm not going down over dealing with incompetent people who spell cat with a k. My report trumps yours in court... Read more

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  • Sep 06
  • Equipment
  • Napa, California
  • Service Fees
  • 35

Intoxolock as a company, is a failure in the area if customer service - the Mob is more kind in their exploitation of people down on their luck. Arbitrary fees. Every time I get an oil change - even if I check in with this company, I get another fee. They drag their shipping out so I am required to rent a car (breaking another law just to make it to work). I hope they all suffer a fate similar... Read more

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