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Main address: 10520 Hickman Road, Suite F 50325 Des Moines IA
, 515-331-7513,
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Intoxilock unit has shorted my truck out and payed Late Model Throttle to fix problem! $475 and still have problems!! Could not figure out problem! A brand new battery though. Toke my truck to the place I got Intoxilock installed LMT. Not happy Add comment

  • Aug 06
  • Equipment
  • Service Hidden Fees
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  • 171

To start, I called all company's to see which one was the cheapest. When I called Intoxalock they had a special where installation fee was supposed to be waved and the lady on the phone told me all I had to pay was the first month. So I said great Ill go with you. Since I have been billed for an extra $29.99 processing fee and I had to pay the installer $50 out of my pocket. When I called... Read more

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  • Aug 05
  • Equipment
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Used Car Equipment
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Why isn't there some form of class action law suit against intoxalock in Wisconsin? The faulse reading cost money, and the all of the replacements are used and very old! Lets get together and sue Read more

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  • Jul 30
  • Equipment
  • Defective Transmission Installment
  • 2
  • 127

I just left the dentist. I didn't consider the fact that I wouldn't be able to start my car after. I'm literally stranded till the nova sine wears off as I can not start my car. Since day one I've had nothing but problems. I haven't had any"fails" yet but my transmission started slipping as soon as I had it installed. It's scary to be in a traffic circle with kids in the car trying to negotiate... Read more

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  • Jul 25
  • Equipment
  • Low Quality Products
  • 90

DO NOT EVER GO WITH THIS COMPANY! I had them for almost a year, and had nothing but problems. Their device caused me NUMEROUS problems, they charged me twice for lockouts from my mechanic DESPITE GIVING THEM PLENTY PRIOR NOTICE. I am still fighting to get my money back from the last one since they claim to have refunded my account with them instead of back to my debit card THAT THEY ONCE AGAIN... Read more

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  • Jul 19
  • Equipment
  • Device Replacement
  • 61

Intoxalock has locked me out of my car less than two weeks from my "free" Service date. So instead of my device being free I am forced to pay over $100 and They Get to pocket that money, plus the money for the cost They should, under contract, pay for. The device said nothing about needing replaced. It just Service within 7 days. I have not had the device for 2 months yet and could not have known... Read more

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This company has created a loop hole that allows them to falsely charge customers and hold no accountability for their equipment. My fiance has this device and her routine has not changed. However all of the sudden the machine would fail every rolling retest and the horn would start blowing like she had missed it. Then she would blow again and it passed.This caused a lockout and forced us to pay... Add comment

  • Jul 17
  • Equipment
  • New York, New York
  • Defective Device
  • 83

I had the device installed 2 months ago by court order. No problems until july 10 we went to the mall and almost had to towe the car home. the device started going bezerk asking for rolling test every 3min. Finally it went into lockout. To make things worse it started with displaying codes, like comm 99, error 2 and mv24. Finally started my car and got home thank god. I was charged 81.00 lockout... Read more

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  • Jul 17
  • Equipment
  • Washington, District Of Columbia
  • Ignition Interlock Device
  • 96

Drunks shouldn't driving and drive and then get mad when they have to get an ignition interlock installed. This website seems illegal since you can pay to take down your reviews. You can't complain about Lifesafer on this farce site and they really suck or other ignition interlock competitors. How much did it take to pay off pissed consumer or was it just a letter from a lawyer. Pissed consumer... Read more

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  • Jul 14
  • Auto
  • Richardson, Texas
  • Breathalyzer
  • 77

DO NOT USE THIS CO.!!! Had a 3 day freeze here when I was to have my scheduled recalibration installed. UPS could not deliver because of ice nor could I go anywhere. ERIC the rep on the phone should be fired!!!!! I ordered my recalibration in plenty of time, UPS could not get here on time. Eric argued with me saying that it was my fault and I would need to get my car towed to the place that I... Read more

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