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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your feedback. The situations that you highlighted in your review are not exemplary of the standard of customer service we strive for at Intoxalock. If a supervisor has yet to contact you, we will have one do so to see what we can do to resolve the experiences you’ve been having. Thank you for the opportunity and choosing Intoxalock as your ignition interlock provider.

Unfortunately I have Intoxalock on speed dial. No not because of Lock outs or any technical issues I may have caused, But because their customer service, computer system, billing and shipping departments.

I will not go over all the past issues I had with the initial install of the device 13 months ago, that's already been stated here. I will only cover the most recent issue from December 13, 2016 that I am still trying to deal with. In Connecticut since around 7/1/16 we no longer need to have the calibration units shipped. The location you go to for the exchange does the recalibration on site.

This is great as you don't need to wait for the UPS driver to arrive to swap out your device. unfortunately I have been only able to take advantage of this new CT regulation 1 time as they continue to ship the devices. Once the device has been shipped you need to wait for the UPS guy/gal. Well on 12/11/16 I ordered my recalibration and when I completed the computer stated that it was going to be shipped.

I immediately called Intoxalock and was told that it always says that and that the computer system has not been updated enough for it not to state that (Nice update on your computer system Intoxalock). I said are you absolutely sure as I need to do my recalibration this month on 12/14 as I was going out of town and when they ship on Mondays it arrives on Thursday, in this case 12/15, 1 day later than I needed. The Intoxalock rep assured me it would not get shipped. Well of course on Monday after 9 PM I receive an email with a shipping tracking number.

Working 3rd shift and having Intoxalock on speed dial for many other mistakes by their various departments over the 13 months, I knew that there were no supervisors on at that time. So I called the next morning. I knew from previous horrible experiences that my situation was going to have to be solved by a supervisor. To speak to a supervisor your told that a supervisor your told that a supervisor will call you back within 24 hours.

That in itself is a joke. with all the different issues I have had not 1 time has a supervisor ever called back within 24 hours (must be because of so many complaints). For the current situation which I diverted from it will be over 48 hours by the time they read this. So back to the situation at hand.

When I explained to the customer service rep how a new unit was shipped and that we were now about 24 hours away from my desired recalibration and that they shipped a unit that should not have been shipped she spoke to a supervisor on my behave while I was on hold for about 20 minutes. But the situation was solved, or so I thought. Intoxalock was going to ship another unit FREE of CHARGE under overnight shipping so that it would arrive by 10 AM on 12/14. YEAH I can go on my trip with no issues.

Oooops spoke to soon. Guess what shows up on my invoice? An extra charge of $32 not even the previous charge of $19 that had happened a few months previous when I made a mistake and didn't order a shipment in time but $32. I'm like I guess they figured I would not notice since I have auto-bill to a credit card.

They probably would have been right except the same situation with them getting ready to ship another unit for this month happened again. Well I called and allegedly the supervisor needs to listen to the recording of my call on 12/13. Fine I said to the rep I know the Overnight shipped unit was on them. So the supervisor will contact me within 24 hrs.

Will they refund me the $32 or not? I don't know yet. I know that I did not receive the "CALL BACK" from the supervisor within 48 hrs let alone the 24 hrs they state. I also know that I have Intoxalock on speed dial for their many issues with many departments and that I did not write reviews on those many issues except for the initial install which was a complete disaster.

That was my mistake I should have reviewed each time.

The only other thing I know is that my lease on my car is up in July 2017. Which is the perfect time to remove this customer NO SERVICE company, Intoxalock, for a better IID service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Intoxalock Customer Care.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $110.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Billing practices and inability to ctc.

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