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I wish I had done more research before choosing Intoxaliock for my interlock device. I am having so much trouble with it. At least several times a day, my car just won’t start, even though I blow a 0.0. I have taken my 2015 car to the dealership three times and they’ve determined that the problem is not my car, it’s the Intoxalock device. I’ve been stuck many times not being able to start my car. I’m concerned that it could be dangerous for me if I’m stuck someplace. Besides that fact, it is also the ugliest device I’ve seen. I’ve seen a few others that are at least somewhat subtle... black and un-obvious. This thing is huge and obvious with a cord that gets in the way all the time.

Update 8/3/18 - I’m currently on hold with Intoxalock customer no service. When I called in, I chose Option 4 for “help with technical difficulties with the device.” After holding for 13 minutes, someone answered and when I told him the trouble I was having, he said he was not a technician, but that some were available. He put me on hold. 30 minutes later and I”M STILL ON HOLD. I thought technicians were available!!!! This must be how they deal with you when they don’t want to help.

25 minutes later and a new customer service rep answered. She said she would transfer me to a technician. Now I’m on hold AGAIN. It’s been 10 minutes so far.

This time 30 minutes later yet ANOTHER rep answered. And guess what... I’m back on hold AGAIN. This is the most pisspoor service I’ve ever experienced.

If you are reading this review because you are researching which interlock company to use, DO NOT CHOOSE INTOXALOCK. You will regret it. You’ve been warned.

Update: I took my car in to have the device “inspected.” He drilled some holes in something (the plastic cover that goes over the battery?). When he was done, the car started right up so I was excited that could have been the end of this nightmare. Not so much. I went to start my car the next morning and had the same issue as before. So I tried calling the person at Intoxalock to see what I should do next. Well she gave me her phone number and extension so I could call her directly. The problem is that the extension doesn’t work! I enterd it several times with no luck, so I ended up on hold. When the rep answered I asked if she could transfer me to that extension but alas, no can do. Why bother giving me your name and extension if I can’t reach you!!! Is it another one of your tricks to avoid dealing with my issue? This is wasting so much of my time - not just the phone calls, waiting on hold and the time at the dealership and interlock installer - but being stranded over and over because my new car won’t start. I am so unbelievably angry and frustrated. These guys are truly the WORST!!!

Update: 8/17/2018

Well, they did it to me again. Why am I not surprised. I took the day off work so they could install a new device. Guess what.... THEY NEVER SENT IT to the installation place!! No tracking number. Nothing. Guess I’ll be taking more time off work for them to install it on Monday. They were also supposed to give me a one month refund. I haven’t received that yet either.

So instead of coming back on Monday, the installer found another device that had just been removed from someone else’s car, so he’s going to try that. Praying that this fixes my issue once and for all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Device.

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P.S. to comment by Anonymous - Sunday night, I went to bed at 10:00 after having nothing to drink all day.

At 7:30 the next morning, I went to leave for work and the device failed me at .064 and put me in a lockout - which apparently entitles them to charge my debit card $75.00. After multiple phone calls and hours of waiting on hold, I cannot get them to admit something must be wrong with their device.

I mean, electronic devices do fail every once in awhile, right? Have a nice day ;)


You'd better pray for the strength to stop driving impaired. I have absolutely zero sympathy for you and your car problem ; I'm glad your drunken keister can't start the car.

to Anonymous #1565003

Yes, I see you have to leave your comment “anonymously.” You’ve got no gonads. But the way, please use Intoxalock if you like to sit on hold for 45 minutes listening to the same pathetic tune over and over...

to Anonymous #1576457

You’re a piece of *** Who says they still drink even?? They’re paying for their mistakes by having the device installed in the first place! It shouldn’t be giving them problems!

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