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Intoxalock is continually working to provide the most reliable device possible while making it easy for our customers to use. We sorry that you have experienced frustrations with your interlock. We do recommend that all customers wait 15 minutes after using any product that may contain alcohol before submitting a breath sample to allow time for other sources of alcohol to dissipate. We hope that you are now comfortable using your device and wish you safe driving.
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I went with Intoxalock to save money but didn't. i went with the least expensive svc. But they have taken more than they should and wont return $. Poor design mouth piece comes loose, can fall off while driving may cause accident. If it falls out at night, you better have a another handy. Distracts you as if you were texting, very dangerous. Replacement ships 2 days before present device expires wont allow time if UPS has delay -if expires cant move car!! Cust. svc. sucks. cant use hand sani or mouthwash within 15 min of use. Occasionally registers improper breath pressure. Bad device bad customer service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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My name is Jesse, and I'm a "customer" of intoxalock. Like you, I experienced extortion and entrapment from this company, and my attorneys are reaching out to anyone who has dealt with financial penalties resulting from malfunctioning equipment.

Please contact me at if you're interested in submitting a statement for a class action lawsuit, I will be working very closely with my attorney in exposing this corrupt corporation.

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