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The Intoxalock device seems to be draining my battery.

I spent 150.00 in mechanic service and new battery.

2 days later then battery was dead again.

I have been careful to make sure dome lights, heater, radio ect are all off...

Now its happening again.

The installer says there is nothing he can do an so does Intoxalock.

Have others experienced the same problem?

I have read some issues in previous complaints but wonder if this is happening to other and I should consider a different company.

It also seems to be sporadic.

This is becoming a problem not bring able to rely on when or if my vehicle will start.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $150.

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Ronkonkoma, New York, United States #861389

I have the same problem! !!

The sporadic problems you're having is its draining our batteries when we get a signal on the screen (Service soon, lock out, ect..) there is only three ways to prevent it

1- order your recalibrated units early so you don't get the message which drains battery

2- buy a better, higher voltage battery

3- hook it up to a trickle charger overnight once a message is received.

The messages last around 5 days, and after about the first 24 - 3 hrs you better have some jumper cables!!# hope I was some help. This machine sux!!

to steve Ronkonkoma, New York, United States #861392

The machine has a constant draw 24/7 on the battery. If your a daily driver with a decent battery you should be fine.

Cold weather, & messages are a big problem and will draw the battery just like leaving your lights on.

So you wake up to a car that don't start... they need to have some type of insurance that protects us from dead batteries, accidental lockouts, or broken machines...I have installed on my $300 cell phone that works great & non on this P.O.S. machine that costs $2500!!!

If something goes wrong & has multiple times already! !

to steve Ronkonkoma, New York, United States #861393

Insurance on cell phone not installed. Mistake in previous post, dam auto correct! !


Dealing with the same issue. Just got a new recalibrated device and it kills my battery in less than 2 days.

Luckily I've been able to jump it before it locks out, but I'll have to shell out the cash for a new battery.

This thing is such a scam its not funny. Not to mention the fact that the rolling retest is a huge distraction and has the potential to kill others on the road.

to intoxalock_***ks #898030

Ya, well so does drinking and driving and its YOUR OWN FAULT you have an Intoxalick on your car in the first place.

Streator, Illinois, United States #790152

I am having the same prob second battery brand new alternator i can't leave my truck off for 12 hours now!! Never had to jump my truck before


I've had the same issues with the same responses from the costomer service reps. I've replaced my battery twice and it keeps happening now I have to pay for the lockout as well as the shop who installed it just to "make sure its the device". Nobody wants to own the responsibility for this junk.


I have one on my Grand Marquis...It drained my battery over the course of 10 days....Cost me $75 for Intoxalock to reset it as the unit assumes it has been disconnected.

Rome, New York, United States #735816

This is happeneing to me. I have a new battery and my car has never drained a battery overnight since I have owned it.

All of a sudden my car is useless. Intoxalock tells me I cannot unplug the box either because it will look lile I am "tampering" with it. This people are jerks.

This is not the only problem I have had either. I considering taking my car off the road!

Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #633478

My installer suggested that I get a solar battery charger. Not the small one but the one that costs $50 to $60. he said that there is an constant draw on the battery.


Yes! it will absolutely drain your battery.

Especially if you live some place that is cold or if you don't drive the vehicle daily.

I would reccomend a Smart Start unit. Their warm up time is *** and annoying, but you unplug the device everytime you turn off your vehicle so it doesn't exhaust your battery.

Good luck!

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #603929

Yes this is very common. I have gone through the same thing.

I bought a new battery, got it serviced and it keeps happening. The combonation of the cold, the blower, and that I dont drive my car everyday is causing it. I have talked to the company and they just tell me I need to run my car more often and for longer.

I resorted to buying a portable Battery Jumper. I dont know if it would be better anywhere else.

to bowserk Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #614576

I have the same exact problem - I spent $200 on a brand new battery, it worked for about a week, then I had to jump it to get to work, then it was stuck in the parking lot overnight after the security people couldn't jump it...brought it back to the shop where they kept it for 3 days and couldn't find anything wrong.

Sporadic & a piece of ***!!!

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