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Dear Scott,

We greatly apologize for the problems that you have been having with our product and our rebate process. We also want to thank you for your thorough and informative feedback. We will be looking into your case in order to make the necessary improvements to our product reliability and overall customer service experience. Furthermore, we have notified a supervisor from our Customer Advocacy department of your situation. This supervisor will be reaching out to you in order to resolve the problems mentioned in your review and answer any further questions or concerns you may have. Thank you once again for your valuable feedback and we look forward to resolving this problem with you.
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Please credit my account with Intoxalock, Attached to this E-mail is a copy of the mail in rebate form, installation invoice, receipt, and work order from High Low Customs for installation of the Intoxalock breathalyzer. Thank you, Scott Hibdon The above was sent March 5th.

Since then, I have had nothing but problems with the device. The usual, (Wait for RB to reset comes up giving a 5:00 minute countdown. Then goes to COMM 99 and starts a countdown from 99 all the way to 0. Either ERR 2 or ERR 1 comes up.

It does ask for a blow after clearing but the command "clearing" stays up for 3 to 4 times longer than usual and then the command "blow" does the same approximately 2 or 3 minutes. I'll blow and blow but it never takes my reading. Doesn't state too hard or soft, just try again. But never comes back up.

After a stall of 3 or 4 minutes, it'll allow me to press the button again and again waiting for RB to reset comes back up and I have to go through the same steps above. On the first tow, one of your specialist told me "Do not try to start the vehicle as it may be recorded as a violation but said it sounded like a faulty device and to have my truck towed to the service center." So without even putting the key in the ignition, I paid a wrecker to have my truck dragged w/ wheels and steering locked up onto a tow truck bed. I have a 2002 Dodge 4-Door 4x4 with 20-inch mud grip tires. Very heavy truck.

I had to miss 2 and a half days of work this past week and so far 4 days this week because of this. I get a call from the service center to pick it up. A very rude woman assisted me and told me nothing was wrong and that the truck started right up. They told me it was due to a low battery and I know this not to be true.

In fact, the battery was very highly charged but I still had my father drive me to Autozone and I told them, "I want the biggest, baddest battery you have. They sold me one for $188.00 and I had the service center put it on for me. On the way home, I noticed that I didn't have any turn signals, no high beams, and no windshield wipers, clearly being the fault of the service center. I called service center and the rude lady answered the phone and asked me, "So YOU checked the blinkers, and YOU checked the high beams and YOU checked the windshield wipers before you left the service center." I replied,"NyOOOO I didn't!

But the first *** turn I came upon, I realized I didn't have any signals and it wasn't till that night that I found out about the High beams. Well, she didn't do anything for me and the truck has been doing the same thing, even with the biggest, baddest battery Autozone has. Waiting for RB to reset comes up w/ countdown and then COMM 99 w/countdown. Now in the past, during these countdowns, it would start clearing, then ask for blow.

When command "clearing" stays up for less than 3 seconds, I know it would take my blow but it would never be on the first or second go around. This causes not only me but my coworkers hours of time waiting for me to get my truck out the gate so they can lock up the premises I've been working on. This weekend, the device totally would not accept my blows. I was stuck in Durant trying for 3 and a half hours trying to start the truck but wait for RB to reset comes up, then Comm 99, etc.

A friend picked me up and I stayed the night in Cartwright, OK. because I didn't want to be far from my truck. I went back the next day (Monday) and tried to start it again several times. Same happens.

I talked to an Account Specialist and was informed that it WAS a faulty device stating the problem was a bad relay and that Intoxalock will pay for these tows because it was Intoxalocks fault and to have my truck towed to the service center. I said Good! Cuz I already have one tow because of the faulty device, this is going to be another. I had my father pick me up.

He loaned me the money to have it towed. I gave the wrecker driver the address and had him hide my key under my toolbox so they would have it. I'm broke, I'm tired so I go to sleep when I get home. I get a phone call.

Who? I don't know. Didn't even answer it. About an hour later, curiosity get the best of me and I listen to the voicemail.

It's Intoxalock telling me that the service center called them and that I have to move my truck or it will be towed at MY expense. Why me? I did and have been doing every thing that yall have been telling me to do, including an account specialist telling me to tow it there! I was ready to grab a hammer and smash in the windows of the service center if my truck wasn't there, lol.

But luckily, it was. And get this, when the wrecker driver unloaded my truck, he left my auxiliary power on. (My keys will come out in that position) and the device entered a lockout. That was the BEST thing that could happen to me at that moment because the device acted right after this.

I guess it bypassed the relay. Told me I had 2 days then asked to blow. Passed and accepted my sample w/ no problems at all! Even did the rolling retest down the road when it hasn't asked me for one before ever since the device was installed.

Intoxalock is sending me a device en route and service center is putting it on tomorrow. Ok, in a nutshell, I mailed this rebate to yall March 5th to as the rebate form told me to. This violates your terms of lease agreement as it states clearly please allow 14 days. An Account specialist told me send it to help@intoxalock .com so I'm sending it here as well.

On my lease agreement, it's showing a balance of $166.50. Not including my work days missed. lawyer fees, gas to and from service center, Durant, ok., etc. all I am asking for is $360.00 payed back.

$130 for the tow on 03/07/2017, $155 for the tow on 03/20/2017, and $75 for the rebate. I feel this is VERY lenient on my part. I am not paying for any lockout fee, shipping fee, or any other fee except the normal fee that I signed to. And I need this to be done before my next calibration date because I've got bills to pay and a life to live and cannot pay out wasted money anymore.

This should leave me a balance of 193.50. If Intoxalock doesn't credit my account and my balance is not paid before calibration, I'll probably be called in front of a judge in Collin County where my probation is. In my hand, I'll have this letter along with others, including several witnesses, along with videos I've made of the device faulting to clear myself. Then a claim will immediately be filed in the county of Grayson, Texas which will consist of all I have lost in it's entirety.

Again, I repeat, I am not paying for any lockout fee, shipping fee, or any other fee except the normal fee that I signed to. And I need this to be done before my next calibration date because I've got bills to pay and a life to live and cannot pay out wasted money anymore. In all honesty, the representatives I have talked to NUMEROUS times, they have seemed to be very helpful.

Kind of like they put themselves in my shoes. I've talked to several but one named Nikki and one named Gage stood out as being very kind.

Product or Service Mentioned: Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Device.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Reimbursement for tow fees and for installation as promised with no other fees added only my monthly calibration fees as I signed for. If not agreed, I will seek legal action and demand garnishment for lost wages, lawyer fees, etc..

I liked: Some customer service, Original rep that sold me on the company.

I didn't like: Faulty products, How intoxalock blames everyone else but themselves, Dodging reimbursements, Promises made but not kept, No return response after recieving an email from them.

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