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Since the intoxalock was installed my friends car has been having several issues. While driving I was indicated to blow, blew a RED system FAILED which caused it to lock out.

Called customer service was on hold for about 35-40 minutes and of course they made it out to be my fault as they explained all the possible ways for FAILED TEST which were explained at the time of installation. However I didn’t eat nor drink for hours nor did I have any different scents throughout my drive from the initial first blow which passed GREEN for me to start my ignition and the by the 4th time I was indicated to blow, it FAILED. Thankfully I was able to make it home. I cut the ignition off and tried restarting the device.

It did allow me to blow into the device again which then PASSED. This all happened in a number of minutes. One question I asked customer service is “how is that possible I’m able to start my ignition, pass 3-4 test, then fail go into lock-out, restart my device, then pass? The answers do sound legitimate, however it was a bunch of crap and sounds like people are being robbed from this company.

They made it very clear that they do not pay for lock-outs that trace any amount of BAC , however I haven’t had alcohol in over a year now and again I didn’t eat nor drink anything for hours prior to this experience. The first month was free so I’m starting to think this is their way of getting that first months free payment however I have not even had this device for a month and required to have it for a year.

I am totally capable and looking to switch companies to prevent this from happening for the next 11 months. If anyone have any suggestions, please do let me know.

Product or Service Mentioned: Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Device.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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My POS device was great for the first 14 months, now has screwed up twice in 3 weeks. Once it just started honking the horn while turned off in a store parking lot then going into all sorts of countdowns and Err codes for 45 mins or so.

Now it did something similar while driving today, and left me on roadside not able to restart. Finally it reset itself, and said it is counting down to a service lockout.

I will call them tomorrow. Only 38 weeks to go.


In 4 months I have had so many issues... in February I blew green, driving down the road I blow red, the unit says lockout - immediate service required...

driving with the alarm blaring I'm on hold for 45 minutes till I get someone who says don't shut off your car it won't restart... go to service provider, they have to recalibrate... same day say issue, have to go again to service provider... meantime this is being report to DMV???

I make appointment to have my car inspected, I notify Intoxalock of my appointment, I have to stay with the car the entire time if mechanic needs me... he says start car I need to do emissions test... i blow green, start car, while he's doing the emission test the unit goes red, lockout - service required immediately.... each time customer service tells me their units don't do that...

I tell them something is wrong with my unit, they don't care or listen... this whole week the unit was acting up.. I would start it and it would say 'sampling' then shut off, I would have to start it a couple times for it to 'clear'... then I would blow and it would take forever to sample....

yesterday I brush my teeth ONE HOUR before starting the car at 7am... blows RED... I wait, blow yellow... while I'm driving my 45 minute drive to work I'm blowing green on rolling retests...

I pull into my parking spot at work and I blow yellow! ??? I leave work 8 hours later, I blow RED... lockout for 5 minutes...

5 minutes later I blow RED again (I'm AT WORK IN AN OFFICE FOR 8 HOURS!) lockout 30 minutes... I call, crying, I have to pick up my daughter who is an hour away and now standing outside the school waiting for me... they don't care, they say well WHAT are YOU doing that your blowing RED? NOTHING...

I'm doing NOTHING...well try standing outside your car with the unit.... I did and it blew yellow... I called the service tech, he said bring your car here NOW... your unit is crap...

I go there, he calls Intoxalock directly... they are challenging him... he says HE is blowing RED on my unit... mind you I asked for a supervisor yesterday..

got some random persons voicemail... no call back... I sent 2 emails yesterday... no response.

I have sent faxes (have confirmation they received), they deny receiving them. They deny I called them when I had the inspection issue, they deny deny deny because each time I have to get it serviced they charge me an additional $75 or more....

February alone cost me $250... and it appears they are charging me to replace their malfunctioning unit yesterday....


I'm located in Oregon and we have Smart Start. Maybe see if they have that in your state.

Also my father is having similar issues with this company as you are. I complained to the headquarters.

to SnappyFlounder #1451202

Thank you . Glad to see I’m not thee only one with this problem.

I will contact headquarters as well.

If they can and/or will not get down to the issue I will most certainly look into smart smart. Thank you


Not sure of location of the company but I am located in Pennsylvania, Chester County.

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