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Violation 10 lockout

Had issues all morning with having to attempt several rolling retests to the point of my horn honking. Now it has a scroll message of Violation 10 lockout in 4 days. What caused this and what do I do to fix it?

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I just had the same thing happen to me traveling from Portland, OR to Bremerton WA. Had to constantly retest and once it required 4 retests before accepting it and then it gave me a Violation 10, lockout in 4 days. Unfortunately I can't get a hold of anyone until tomorrow. Not to mention I have to blow hard enough that I get light headed and eventually get headaches. Why do I have to blow so hard while driving that it causes these issues which is extremely unsafe.
Im in Washington. I have had the device not allow me to finish the breathing pattern about 5 times now! Two of these times I had to go in for recalibrating and I know it said violation 10. They NEED to resolve this! It's no fault of mine and the reps don't seem to know how to coach me through avoiding this issue Big P-I-A
I have the same thing. After speaking with a rep, it means that you breath sample was too hot or too cold. It's only a thing in WA and OR from my understanding. With the heat waves, pretty much everyone is suffering from this... It's pretty inconvenient. What the *** is the camera for if it doesn't verify it's me blowing and I could be using a "machine to tamper with the test"... Unreal
By Admin on Behalf of the Company #1901576
Hi, Terah. Thank you for your question. A supervisor will be in contact with you to help resolve your concerns. You can reach us directly at 515-461-2253 or 515-204-2573.
@Admin on Behalf of the Company I had this exact same issue today. What does Viol 10 mean?
@PissedConsumer1903978 Same thing here more than one time they won't do anything about it and it's a hundred bucks every time it's ***
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If a get a new key (push to start) will new key work? Is key connected to device?

Kerry C Whi

I need to get spare key…. I have keyless push to start… is that ok? Does intoxalock need to be aware or do anything?

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I need a email so i can send you the DL 21 sc .so penndot need it

Brenda I Qxr

I will need a email from you so i can get it back to intoxalock so they can get it to penndot so i can do what i haveto do to get my license .I been work on this for week now .I got what i have to send so all i need is a email add thank you

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I just had my very first fail. Will I be able to operate my vehicle in the morning?

Alain A Hjp

I failed for the very first time. Will I be able to operate my vehicle in the morning? I had some wine and had forgotten about it.

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Violation 10

I’ve had my Intoxalock for over 4 months and I’ve gotten this violation 4 times! This is ridiculous and I’m tired of paying 100 every time this happens!

I don’t drink or eat anything while driving and yet it still happens! This company sucks!

1 answer
Just got off the phone with Intoxalock and A Violation 10 is due to power interruption for more than 5 minutes either from low power or a dead battery.

Calibration due daye

Colby C Jmo

My calibration due date is 4/11 but my device says 11 hours which is midnight and no one is open Sunday. I have an appointment 4/11 at 8am just want to make sure I won’t get locked out before then. Thank you

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How do I switch from mandatory use of the device to voluntary use of the device?

Frances W Xzr

How do I switch from mandatory use of the device to voluntary use of the device? I have my 90 day no violation report and an appointment to have the device removed but want to continue to use it voluntarily. I know that’s a different process.

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What does violation 5 mean

Got in my car pushed the button on the intoxalock and it said sync and started counting down then it beeps like twice I think and said violation 5 4 days to lockout

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Did you ever get the answer to this question? I am having same issue and car will not start. I have had a horrible experience with this machine. My car battery is constantly drained

I received a violation 3

Laura S Cmk

I was driving and my 2 random test I kept getting a blow harder messages. My attempts continued to be insufficient.

Until I finally blew a pass but passed the grace period. I have a cold and it’s just been difficult.

I passed all test the following day and have scheduled a reset. Do the powers that be look at this violation differently than a failed BAC

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Violation 11 every few days in a lockout.

I replaced my battery and connections..had my car completely gone through at my local Honda dealership. Service center said it was a faulty unit bc there's no other reason.

I just got a new unit installed on Thursday and today (Sunday) I'm driving home and I get another lockout while driving. I now owe $480 in lockout fees and I'm not getting anywhere with this company. Help me please!!!

I've tried everything and can't afford to pay all that before my next calibration. So far since install I've had 11 lockouts for the same issue!!

1 answer
I have gone through this since December. I have had to either jump my car or take the battery out to charge it every couple of days. I put in new battery, taken it to 2 different mechanics, and replaced the device 2 times. I have no idea what the issue is. When I call the number all I get is your battery needs charged. This device should not be draining the battery like this. I think it is a way to make as much $ for the company as possible

What does viol 9 mean??????

Kim G Sqx

I absolutely hate this device always a problem. I have had to have my car towed 4 different times now.I had in towed in last Thursday because after numerous attempts to start it it would not let me start it and calibration was di the next day.

I explained to my service center what was happening. All they did was the calibration: I picked my car up on. Monday after 45 minutes if attempting to start it finally started. While driving that same day had me do a rolling I could not get it to accept any blow to hard , not enough humming to late to soon any that could be thought of on a the machine it appeared.

And now it locked me out and has to be towed again. This is absolutely RIDICULOUS I am for equipment that does not work. Had to quit my job because of being late because you never know how long it will take to get a passing reading.

I am paying for something I barely drive because I can’t rely on the Intoxalock box to work and not because I was drinking. Some give answers why??

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Why my car won’t start

Eric C Yio

Why does intoxalock device keep draining my battery. Giving me err 1 and err 2 I’m so frustrated with this thinking of going back to the other company if I can’t resolve this problem.

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I keep getting a violation 40 because, for some reason, my vehicle’s electric system is failing

I was in an accident several months ago that messed up my trucks electrical system. I once again got a violation 40 because I think the battery isn’t charged to meet Intoxalock standards The crew at the Pasadena md Intoxalock location has been awesome at trying to help figure out the problem they have gone above and beyond to help!

The only fix will cost more than I can afford How do I document this so I don’t get fined? I’m not court ordered right now to have the device Thanks

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Response #2116545
Hi Justin, I'll have someone reach out to you directly to better help with this question as each state has different requirements.

How do I get my car started again

I was locked out yesterday evening on my to work and I got locked out I been trying to call but keep getting a recorded line

1 answer
Response #2107001
Hi Albert, I'm sorry to hear you was not able to get through to customer service at877-777-5020 in a timely manner. If your lease is signed and your current with billing you are able to log into your user account either on or via the Mobile Phone App to set up work orders with one of our service centers. I'm Also going to E-Mail you my contact information so if this issue happens again, you can contact me directly. Thank yo9u

Order a calibration

I need to order a calibration for my vehicle but when I call your number it says the calibration is at my service center but it is in fact not and I’ve been waiting for two days for an answer and I have yet to get any response from any representative

1 answer
Response #2089708
Hello sir, I've issued over the work order to your service center that's on file with us. Keep in mind that if you do not have a past due balance and your lease is signed the recalibration work orders get sent over automatically 10 days before the due date. You can also log into your user account either online at or via the phone APP to set up your recalibration.


Mitchell B Tow

What does ERR 2 mean and how the *** do i start my vehicle? This is ridiculous how am I supposed to do my own maintenance if I can’t trust it to start again. I did the maintenance report cuz I had to disconnect the battery and now it won’t work

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My brand new battery died and got locked out. (Violation 40) Why do I have to pay 95$ for a lock out?

When I had my inter lock installed, I neeed a new battery. (190$.) Within 2 weeks my battery died and I charged it, but I could not start my car because the interlock stated my battery was only at 65%.

The battery cable was loose and I bought a new battery cable. Because the battery cable was changed out, I received a violation 40. Which cost me 95$ for the lock out. I tried to dispute these charges, but the company denied the dispute.

I believe this is unfair. What can I do?

1 answer
Response #2070899
Hi Sandra, I'm going to review your account then follow up with you so that I may get some more information from you so that I may be able to better assist you today. Also, Always keep in mind that whenever you have maintenance performed on you vehicle. You will want to log in to your user account then click on the vehicle maintenance section. You will then fill out the type of work being done, where/who is doing that work, as well as an estimated time frame the vehicle will be in maintenance. This way, if a violation occurs. Intoxalock can verify the cause and credit the any pertaining fees.

What happens if you don't have the money on your due date because you just started a new job

1 answer
Response #2040520
You will want to contact customer service at 877-777-5020 to discuss your options as each state has specific guidelines and rules. In most cases we will be able to work with you so that you services will not stop. Thank you.


My car is impounded, I need the interlock system removed before they sell at a auction

1 answer
Response #2035643
Please contact customer service at 877-777-5020. In most states we do have mobile installers that can go to where the vehicle is located to remove the equipment.

How can I change my email for my Intoxalock account?

I made a new Intoxalock account on the app but it keeps saying my credentials are invalid. How can I reset and make a new email and password?

1 answer
Response #2021156
Hi Manny, you would need to contact customer service at 877-777-5020 to have them reset your account. I've gone ahead and reset it for you. You can now log into or with the phone application to set up your account.
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