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It is very important for Intoxalock to work with all of our customers to make using their device as easy as possible. Unfortunately, situations with Novocain are beyond our control. However, people have found success by using their fingers to pinch their lips around the mouthpiece has helped form the seal needed to submit a breath sample. If you are still having problems, please feel free to contact us at (888)409-8712.

I just left the dentist. I didn't consider the fact that I wouldn't be able to start my car after.

I'm literally stranded till the nova sine wears off as I can not start my car. Since day one I've had nothing but problems. I haven't had any"fails" yet but my transmission started slipping as soon as I had it installed. It's scary to be in a traffic circle with kids in the car trying to negotiate using it, I'd say worse than texting and driving, I know I should have some sort of punishment but for a first offense it seems a bit harsh.

I'm now stuck until I can blow into the unit whenever the nova canine wears off. Hope that is before daycare closes!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Canton, Ohio, United States #858473

I have had so many close calls of wrecking it goes off every 10 minutes and cant focus on driving people should be more worried about people who are driving with in there care than a drunk driver I dont know if I want to live another 6 monthes with this thing my nerves are not good anyway and now the are completely shot its like im in this deep hole I cant get out of have not even tasted a drink since been year and a half when I get out of this if I do I am going to find a lawyer or anyone I can to file about this dangerous device .this has ruined my life .

to cant take it anymore #858644

I would have to say drinking and driving ruined your life, and luckily/hopefully no other lives of innocent sober people driving on the road.


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