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It is our goal to provide the best quality of customer service possible to all of our clients. Congratulations on your 4 years of sobriety and hope that you will continue to drive safely. Please feel free to call us if you believe we can be doing more to enhance your experience.
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This company has you by the short hairs and uses it to there advantage. I have never seen a service that charges you for EVERY nod or wrong turn.

The contract states a version of 'War and Peace' and gives NO room to move. Customer service is a word that shouldnt be used in this company. I pay $65 dollars a month and $20 every 60 days to 'calibrate'.... So that equates to $75/month.

I have been sober for over 4 years and the intoxalock erroneously shows levels of alcohol in foods, body sprays, etc.. The thing has mis read on occasions when the policies are followed and they DO NOTHING TO HELP. This is nothing more then a stimulus package taking advantage of the already punished.

I lost my license and paid my fines and at the end they tack on more punishment. Its a scam!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Maybe you should have considered the consequences before you decided to drink and drive. All of the breathalyzer equipment for Intoxalock, their competitors (I work for one of them) and even the police departments are set to the same standard for detection.

Trace alcohol is in a lot of things, and BODY SPRAY ARE YOU KIDDING ME..IT IS 99% ALCOHOL!!

they do not choose what data is sent to your reporting authority, they have nothing to do with the regulation and penalties inflicted by your state. Did you really think this was supposed to be fun?!


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