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Intoxalock believes that every customer deserves to receive quality service and reliable equipment. If your vehicle is starting to have issues with starting, adding an accessory like an interlock adds additional stress to the system. Being that this is an anonymous post, we cannot review or comment on your account but we hope that you are driving safely.

I have to have the Intoxalock in my car for 6 months, I have had three lockouts in four months because of the device malfuctioning. The customer service is so rude and unproffesional.

I should have done my research before I chose them. There are so many complaints that relate to the problems I have had, I cannot be the only person who they think is having a problem. The thing is, since I chose to get a device they think it's your drunken fault for everything, they are not going to believe you one bit.

They will come up with any excuse as to why it is YOUR OWN, not their equipments fault, saying your battery is bad, alternator, ignition starter, yada yada, this company is ridiculous and will charge you for anything for more money other than the rental fee. There should be a lawsuit against this foul company.

Review about: Intoxalock Ignition Interlock Device.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #671641


I have read enough reports on this site and others to confirm that I am not the only one who has had a terrible experience with this company. I am trying to file a class action lawsuit, please contact me if you've had a similar experience.

I just got off the phone with a customer service rep who flat out refused to give me even her name, and then when I asked to speak to a supervisor was told that I could be transferred to voicemail. I asked her to please have the supervisor contact me when available, and asked when that would be. Not only did she refuse to even give me a ballpark estimate, she wouldn't even give me a day when the supervisor would get back to me. My car has been sitting, dead of course because this product is a piece of junk that ruins car batteries, in a Car Toys parking lot for 4 days now.

3 days ago I had another hour long phone call with another very rude Intoxalock rep who insisted that it was basically my problem and that my battery was the cause of the recalibrated device not working. It took me putting the Car Toys technician on the phone with her to confirm that it was not my battery, it was their faulty device, before she would even listen to me. At that point she guaranteed me that they would overnight a replacement part and it would be in by Saturday. It's Saturday, no part, my car is still sitting dead in a bad part of town, and I couldn't have had a more rude conversation with a customer service rep than the one I just had.

The customer service rep made it very clear that she could care less about my issue and made it clear that I was an inconvenience to her. I am beyond fed up with this joke of a company. They have a captive consumer base that has no other options and they feel they can treat their customers like garbage.

I will at a minimum be filing in small claims court, I would love to file a class action lawsuit. I've already emailed a class action attorney, and would love it if anyone else who has had similar experiences with intoxalock contact me at

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #588532

Dear Anonymous,

My name is Jules, I work for Intoxalock and I would like to address your concerns. I apologize for the service you received, we never want any customer to feel they were treated the way you are describing. We also understand that having this type of device installed can be a lifestyle change for any person and it is our goal to make each and every one of our client’s experiences with the Intoxalock as seamless and smooth as possible.

First, I wanted to invite you to contact me personally to discuss your situation. When a device is sent back to us due to a Lock Out, each customer has the ability to request a Log Review. We are generally able to tell the details of a Lock Out via these Log Reviews, if any of these Lock Outs were due to our equipment we would of course be willing to work with you on the charges accrued.

I know the regulations regarding Lock Out procedures may seem unfair, unfortunately each state sets their own rules regarding the breath alcohol limits that are “allowed” on a device before it enters into a Lock Out and we must follow these requirements. When a device goes into a lockout, this state requirement does in some cases leave a customer in a situation where a new device or several are needed to get your account in good standing again. We understand how frustrating that is, but we try to get you a new unit as fast as we can at the best shipping price. In addition, it is also a requirement that your vehicle be in the best working condition to have this type of device installed.

Again, I apologize for any inconveniences you have experienced and I invite you to please contact me at (877) 777-5020 if you would like to further discuss your situation. Thanks, Jules


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